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Startups and investors

A treacherous road ahead for investing

Investors at Collision 2023 share their insights on industry stressors and the future of investin...

August 14 - 5 min read
A person (Izabel Gallera, partner at Canary) is holding a microphone and appears to be talking. There is a purple background with white text (Web Summit Rio) and a semi transparent cross shaped design superimposed in the background.
Startups and investors

Pitching, profit, and Brazil’s startup boom

From tips on pitching, walking the path to profitability, and investing in new regions and demogr...

July 11 - 4 min read

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Ronaldo Cohin, founder of Jade Autism, winner of PITCH, holds aloft the trophy while smiling.
Startups and investors

Jade Autism wins PITCH at Web Summit Rio 2023

Meet your Web Summit Rio 2023 PITCH champion! What have the 2006...

May 4 - 2 min read
An image of a person with their elbows on a desk using an optical microscope. The person is looking through the lens/eyepiece. Neatly arranged test tubes are on the desk.
Startups and investors

Meet these 5 Brazilian women-founded medtech startups

Web Summit Rio aims to empower women across the world by fosteri...

April 11 - 3 min read
Image of Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio, Brazil.
Startups and investors

Rio, Brazil: The startup city guide

Rio de Janeiro is a famously popular tourist destination that he...

February 2 - 9 min read
Image of a city in the Latin American investment economy
Startups and investors

What does the future hold for Latin American tech investment?

Why did Latin America experience some of the sharpest increases ...

January 30 - 4 min read