A person (Signal president Meredith Whittaker) sits in an armchair. They hold a microphone in their right hand and are gesturing with their left. They appear to be speaking. On the wall behind them, the Web Summit Rio logo is visible in several places.

Developer? Join us at Web Summit Rio.

Each year, we give free tickets for our events to the most active developers and open source contributors in the Web Summit network. As a special thank you to this developer community, we are offering them free Web Summit Rio tickets.

Our developer initiative will open for applications in the coming months. If you simply can’t wait, why not pre-register for 2024 now and get 50% off your ticket?

A person (Faire co-founder and C.T.O Marcelo Cortes) sits in an armchair. Their right leg is crossed over their left, and their hands are in their lap. They're wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking.

What’s happening?

Our developer program is all about giving back to active members of the open source developer community. If selected for the program, you can attend any of the talks, masterclasses, roundtables and networking sessions at Web Summit Rio – all for free. You’ll also get exclusive access to our Developer Lounge, powered by Grupo Boticário, throughout the event
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With 14 different content tracks at Web Summit Rio, you’re sure to find something of interest. Learn from founders, CEOs and CTOs of leading companies in tech and development.
Whether on the Web Summit Rio app or at our exclusive developer gatherings, Web Summit Rio is the perfect place to make meaningful connections with fellow developers, hiring companies, mentors and more.
Masterclasses and roundtables
Our developer masterclasses and roundtables are small, collaborative gatherings that bring together a mix of CEOs, founders, startups and tech investors. Don’t miss your chance to learn directly from the experts.
Developer Lounge, powered by Grupo Boticario
Get exclusive access to our Developer Lounge, powered by Grupo Boticário, at Web Summit Rio. Connect and network with other developers, or simply grab a coffee and relax.

What happens when I apply?

Your application will be reviewed

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Our AI system will review each applicant’s contribution, giving priority to frequent contributors to high-impact, open-source projects.

Successful applicants receive a unique code

An illustration of a smartphone and a monitor, each showing a sample QR code.

If you are one of the chosen applicants, we will issue you with a unique ticket code that can be used to redeem your free Web Summit Rio ticket.

Redeem your code

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Now all that’s left to do is redeem your ticket and join us at Web Summit Rio. We’ll see you in April!

Meet some of our past developer speakers

Mike SchroepferFacebook
Mike Schroepfer
Michelle ZatlynCloudflare
Michelle Zatlyn
Geoffrey HintonUniversity of Toronto
Geoffrey Hinton
Jeff MossDEF CON
Jeff Moss
Steve HuffmanReddit
Steve Huffman
Rebecca ParsonsThoughtworks
Rebecca Parsons
Parag AgrawalTwitter
Parag Agrawal
Marianna TesselIntuit
Marianna Tessel
Rajan MehtaWWE
Rajan Mehta
Marene AllisonJohnson & Johnson
Marene Allison
Katie MoussourisLuta Security
Katie Moussouris
Susan LandauTufts University
Susan Landau
Window SnyderThistle Technologies
Window Snyder
Bruce SchneierSchneier on Security
Bruce Schneier
Brittany KaiserOwn Your Data
Brittany Kaiser
Cathy PolinskyStitch Fix
Cathy Polinsky
Danese CooperNode.js Foundation, PayPal
Danese Cooper

“Open source is the best way to get people’s brilliance out there.”

A person (Mozilla chief innovation officer Katharina Borchert) sits next to the armrest on a couch. Their right leg is crossed over their left. Their right hand is resting in their lap and they're gesturing with their left hand. They're looking towards an audience, which is out of shot. They're wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking. The Web Summit logo is visible on the wall behind them.

– Katharina Borchert, Chief Innovation Officer, Mozilla

“Advances in tech bring good, bad and OK things.”

A person (Thoughtworks C.T.O Rebecca Parsons) stands in front of a wall that features the Web Summit Rio logo in several places. They're pictured from the waist up. Their left arm is hanging by their side. In their right hand, which is raised beside their face, they're holding a presentation clicker. They're wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking.

– Rebecca Parsons, CTO, Thoughtworks

“If you build on the APIs of big tech, that’s an existential risk.”

A person (Dfinity founder Dominic Williams) pictured from the waist up. They are gesturing with both hands. A presentation clicker is held in the right hand. They are wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking.

– Dominic Williams, Founder, Dfinity