A cable car with floor to ceiling glass walls is suspended, high above the ground, from cables joining a rocky, forested hilltop to something out of frame. Behind the cable car, at sea level, is a beach in a bay between two rocky, forested hills. Numerous multi-story buildings spread inland from the beach.

Download the Web Summit Rio app

The Web Summit Rio app is live! You can now build your personal profile so that other attendees know who you are, connect with fellow attendees to get a jump on networking, and plan your schedule so you don’t miss a thing. Your journey to Web Summit Rio begins with the app.

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A hand holding a mobile phone. The thumb is touching the screen, which is showing the event map on the Web Summit Rio app.
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Build your own schedule, arrange meetings and make new contacts. Start planning before the event kicks off and maximize your Web Summit Rio experience.
Find people and companies you want to meet. Get fully personalized recommendations for connections and content to check out.
Networking opportunities at Web Summit Rio dont end on the final day. Keep in touch with attendees you meet by scanning their badges, and stay connected after the event wraps.
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Find your way around the event with detailed maps and content schedules. Everything will be updated in real time, right in your pocket.

Get ready for Web Summit Rio

A step by step guide to help you get you started.
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Step 1

Download the Web Summit Rio app from the App Store or from Google Play once you have received your ticket.


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Step 2

Fill out your profile, making sure to include your personal information and interests. You can then begin browsing talks, building out your event calendar and connecting with attendees.

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Step 3

Our app is your passport to Web Summit Rio. Once you arrive at the event, you’ll use the app to register and collect your accreditation.

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Step 4

It’s time for Web Summit Rio! Our app will help you navigate the event and stay connected with new contacts you meet along the way.

“The largest technology and innovation event in the world.”

A large stage viewed from the back of an amphitheatre, over the heads of a large, full audience. No empty seats are visible. The stage appears small because of how far away it is.

– Globo

“Web Summit is the World Cup of tech conferences.”

Brazilian footballing legend Ronaldo stands in front of a microphone. He appears to be speaking.

– Fortune

“The best tech conference on the planet.”

A crowd of seated people. The focus is on one person who is smiling, looking upwards – seemingly at a stage – and clapping.

– Forbes