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“The world’s largest technology conference” welcomes the leaders who are driving change in every industry.

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A large stage viewed over the silhouetted heads of a packed audience. A line of people stands on the stage, facing towards the audience. Confetti fills the air. A large Web Summit Rio logo hangs in the center of the stage. Two screens on either side of the logo read 'That's all for today!'

What they say about us

“One of the world’s largest tech and innovation conferences.”

“Brings together thousands of tech players to discuss AI, social networks and climate change.”

“A chance to get up close and personal with tech giants, leading entrepreneurs in their fields and cultural icons, and learn from people at the forefront of the tech industry and society.”
– Umsa Planeta
A person leans their elbows on a standing table. They're gesturing with their hands, and appear to be speaking. Two people to their left are looking towards them and appear to be listening. These two people are also leaning on the table.

How can attending Web Summit Rio help your professional growth?

Professional development
Web Summit Rio gives the stage to the world’s leading experts, innovators, business executives and cultural icons. Giants of the business world host masterclasses, roundtables and discussions to share their expertise across every industry.

Lead generation
Attendees from every industry come to our conferences looking for the next big thing. Could your company show it to them? Find potential customers and start building a network of leads that will continue to deliver long after Web Summit Rio is over.

Meet the who’s who of international tech and make meaningful connections in person or with our event app. Use our recommendations to find people in your industry, start one-on-one conversations, or form a group chat with fellow experts in your field.

Market research
Web Summit Rio brings together the world’s most exciting companies, from household names and industry veterans to the startups changing the way things are done. Share ideas and keep your finger on the latest trends to make sure you’re always ahead of the game.
Two people in conversation. The person who appears to be speaking is wearing a baseball cap and a crew-neck tshirt, which reads 'There's always room for crazy big dreams'. This person is gesturing with their left hand, and their right arm is crossed in front of their stomach. The second person, also wearing a crew-neck tshirt, has their arms folded over their chest, with one hand raised towards their face. They appear to be listening attentively.
Two seated people shake hands and smile at each other.

Companies who partner with us

Meet our 2023 speakers

Gabriel BragaQuintoAndar
Gabriel Braga
Meredith WhittakerSignal
Meredith Whittaker
KondZillaCanal KondZilla
Fernando MachadoNotCo
Fernando Machado
Mada SegheteBranch
Mada Seghete
Nik StoronskyRevolut
Nik Storonsky
Marcelo CortesFaire
Marcelo Cortes
Edith YeungRace Capital
Edith Yeung
Edith HarbaughLaunchDarkly
Edith Harbaugh
Thomas DohmkeGitHub
Thomas Dohmke
Kathleen BreitmanTezos
Kathleen Breitman
Eduardo PaesRio de Janeiro
Eduardo Paes
Florian HagenbuchLoft
Florian Hagenbuch

“The giants of the web assemble.”

A large stage viewed from the back of an amphitheatre, over the heads of a large, full audience. No empty seats are visible. The stage appears small because of how far away it is.

– Wall Street Journal

“Web Summit is the World Cup of tech conferences.”

Brazilian footballing legend Ronaldo stands in front of a microphone. He appears to be speaking.

– Fortune

“Where the future goes to be born.”

Skyscrapers and other buildings line the waters of Rio de Janeiro's warm-looking Guanabara Bay. The rocky Sugarloaf Mountain is in the background.

– The Atlantic

“The best tech conference on the planet.”

A crowd of seated people. The focus is on one person who is smiling, looking upwards – seemingly at a stage – and clapping.

– Forbes