Corporate Innovation Summit

Corporate Innovation Summit brings together the leaders at the helms of the world’s biggest companies as they confront the major issues facing businesses today.

Emma Goldberg, Future of Work Reporter, The New York Times, on Corporate Innovation Summit during day one of Web Summit Rio 2023 at Riocentro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Emma Goldberg
Future of Work Reporter
New York Times

What’s happening?

Corporate Innovation Summit leaves no stone unturned while diving into the future of corporations, exploring current trends through expert-led sessions and onstage content.

Your Web Summit Rio ticket gives you access to all masterclasses and roundtables at the event, as well as to talks on Corporate Innovation Summit and 13 other tracks.
Digital transformation

Adapt or be left behind. Digitalisation is now beyond the point of bringing businesses online, of incorporating SaaS tools, and of preaching remote-first. Now, it’s the pre-eminent approach when it comes to enacting the next five-year-plan for corporations. Learn from some of the biggest organisations in the world how they are transforming in the new economy.

Three triangles pointing right.

Challenging as the subject matter is for corporations across the globe, we say ‘no’ to green-washing. What actions have been trialled? What are some of the best practices? What is the metric in place? We hear from daring businesses, big or small, as they strive for sustainable growth, and a sustainable planet, at the same time. 

Company culture

It is said that culture is your first product. In recent years, the importance of company culture has come to the fore for employees and customers, the Great Resignation was a telling factor in that. We welcome leaders of  global organisations that have a renewed sense of values that respect individuals and endeavour to create a unique work environment that people find meaningful beyond salaries and benefits. 

Remote vs Office vs Hybrid

Nearly three years into the global hybrid work trial, it’s time to ask: is it working? What are the opportunities for evolution?  How should we rethink and re-invent workspaces to strive for work efficiency, creative collaboration and mobile talent retention? The world’s largest employers join us to explore. 

Meet our 2023 corporate innovation speakers

Thomas DohmkeCEOGitHub
Thomas Dohmke
Kelly BurtonExecutive DirectorBlack Innovation Alliance
Kelly Burton
Dan WestgarthCOODeel
Dan Westgarth
António Costa SilvaMinister of the Economy and Maritime AffairsGovernment of Portugal
António Costa Silva
Viviane MartinsCEOFalconi
Viviane Martins
Mariana VasconcelosCo-founder & CEOAgrosmart
Mariana Vasconcelos
Bruno GuicardiCo-founder & PresidentCI&T
Bruno Guicardi
Vanessa StockCo-founder & Chief People OfficerPitch
Vanessa Stock

“Most of the decisions are reversible. If you don't like the decision, go back.”

– Paul Misener, VP, Amazon

“61 percent of gen Zers are choosing the company they work for based on their values.”

– Harris Reed, ZEO, Edelman

“Organizations lose competitive leverage when it comes to bad and wrong data.”

– Barr Moses, Co-founder & CEO, Monte Carlo