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Image of Center Stage from Web Summit Rio 2024. The stage is brightly lit in green and orange. There are figures on stage in the distance. In the foreground, audience members can be seen standing, watching and holding phones aloft to take photos.

What did you miss in Rio? Our magazine has you covered

The Web Summit Rio magazine gathers highlights from some of the most inspiring speakers, innovati...

May 27 - 2 min read
A lineup of four Web Summit Rio Day 1 speakers' images and their job titles. To the top left the text reads: Day 1: Trending speakers. From left to right: Elaine Reyes, anchor at CGTN America, George Arison, CEO of Grindr, Jutina Nixon-Saintil, VP and chief impact officer at IBM, and Glauber Mota, CEO of Revolut Brazil.

Don’t miss these talks on Day 1 of Web Summit Rio

From next-gen banking with Revolut Brazil and IBM’s AI insights to social media superstars KondZi...

April 15 - 4 min read