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A lineup of four Web Summit Rio Day 1 speakers' images and their job titles. To the top left the text reads: Day 1: Trending speakers. From left to right: Elaine Reyes, anchor at CGTN America, George Arison, CEO of Grindr, Jutina Nixon-Saintil, VP and chief impact officer at IBM, and Glauber Mota, CEO of Revolut Brazil.

From next-gen banking with Revolut Brazil and IBM’s AI insights to social media superstars KondZilla and Bianca Andrade, check out our picks for Day 1 of Web Summit Rio.

Here are some of the top sessions for Day 1 at Web Summit Rio 2024, covering topics from AI’s impact on business to the future of banking and the creator economy.

How AI is transforming businesses and the workforce

How are companies harnessing AI to drive efficiency and improve decision-making across their organizations? From a talent perspective, how is AI impacting the job market in terms of job displacement and the creation of new roles?

On a societal level, what are the biggest challenges that need to be addressed to ensure AI development and deployment are done in an ethical, equitable, and sustainable manner? What role can businesses play in shaping responsible AI practices?

Join IBM VP and chief impact officer Justina Nixon-Saintil, and IBM Brasil president Marcelo Braga, to learn all about this, and how organizations are tapping AI in order to drive business, professions and societal change.

Engaging more than 30 million followers with Boca Rosa

Go behind the scenes with Bianca Andrade as the superstar influencer reveals the strategies and tactics used to amass more than 30 million loyal followers across social media.

From humble beginnings as a makeup blogger in Rio to becoming a household name in Brazil as a YouTuber, actress and businesswoman, Bianca has truly done it all.

Join Bianca to learn about the development of Boca Rosa, and the importance of engaging a community of makeup fans who view your brand as an extension of your online presence.

Next-gen banking: The intersection of tradition and innovation

In an era where technology is redefining the financial landscape, leaders of two of Brazil’s largest banks – Banco do Brasil CEO Tarciana Medeiros and Revolut Brazil CEO and Glauber Mota – discuss how traditional banking is evolving alongside new technologies.

Moderated by award-winning journalist Márcio Gomes, this session dives into the strategies, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of financial services – one for banking professionals and fintech enthusiasts alike.

Rise and Grindr: Lessons learned over 15 years

In this session, Grindr CEO George Arison takes to the stage to share insights and lessons learned since the app’s launch 15 years ago. As the premier social connector for the LGBTQ+ community, Grindr has played a pivotal role in connecting people around the world.

Attendees can expect a deep dive into Grindr’s journey, the company’s strategies for navigating the ever-changing digital landscape, and what’s next on the horizon.

The AI valuation premium

AI startups have been commanding sky-high valuations of late, but how much of this is real innovation versus mere marketing fluff? Join this panel of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts as they dive into the current state of AI-powered companies.

HubKonnect co-founder and CEO Michael Koch will share insights into building data-driven organizations, while Rodrigo Beceiro, founder and CTO of AI consulting firm Marvik, will provide an insider’s perspective on how Fortune 500 clients are making the most out of AI.

CGTN America news anchor and podcast host Elaine Reyes will moderate the discussion, using a journalistic eye to separate AI hype from substance. Rounding out the panel is Music AI co-founder and COO Eddie Hsu who discuss how the startup is building AI technologies for the music industry.

How to speak the creator language

What is the state of the creator economy in 2024? What content strategies should new and existing influencers adopt to stay ahead of the pack? From content monetization to building authentic connections with audiences, leaders in the creator economy share their insights and experiences in this session.

KondZilla, the founder and director of the most-subscribed YouTube channel in Brazil and the third-largest music channel globally, discusses the power of innovation and storytelling in the creator economy, and Mari Maria, a renowned Brazilian social media influencer and CEO of the Mari Maria Makeup brand, talks about the importance of authenticity and building a thriving community.

Check out the full Day 1 schedule here.

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