Check out these 10 Amplify startups at Web Summit Rio 

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The Amplify programme is our commitment to strengthening the voices of under-represented founders and communities in tech. 

Web Summit Rio is dedicated to address inequities in the tech industry, and society more generally. 

The Amplify programme is our commitment to strengthening the voices of under-represented founders and communities in tech. As part of the programme, we actively seek investors and funds that prioritise investing in diversity.

Here are 10 Brazilian startups joining us for Web Summit Rio as part of our Amplify programme:


Lumx is a startup that acts as a blockchain infrastructure provider, dedicated to helping large companies in Latin America adapt to the new era of decentralized internet. They enable companies to integrate blockchain technology into their businesses, in a simple and accessible way.


Playnest is a platform for social media management. It allows users to connect their social networks to Playnest so they can organize data and generate personalized media kits. With a complete and integrated profile, users have a clear view of progress and can improve strategies based on valuable insights.


Harmo is a tool for increasing organic traffic in physical and online stores by optimizing reviews and searches. Their goal is to help companies optimize their paid media budget by generating organic traffic, transforming the customer into a powerful channel for positive online word of mouth.

The CMOs Marketers use innovative educational programs, a dedicated community, and A.I. technology, to shape a new generation of marketing leaders in Brazil. Founded in 2018 by Gustavo Stork, The CMOs Marketers was born from the collaboration of eight marketing leaders from Santa Catarina. It has since expanded across the country with a team of more than 43 instructors, and has already attracted more than 6,000 users in less than 4 months.

Wastee’s mission is to connect people and companies to correctly dispose of electronic waste. They offer innovative solutions for the sustainable disposal of electronics, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future. 

Through their smart platform, they connect condominiums, residential buildings and certified cooperatives and electronic waste recyclers, strengthening the social side of the work. By bridging the gap between people who have disposal and certified recyclers, Wastee promote the generation of income and employment in these communities. 

Genius Returns

Genius Returns aims to reinvent part of the global E-commerce sales chain, making digital consumption increasingly accessible, uncomplicated, profitable and sustainable for everyone. They have created an experience platform, which adds value for the retailer by facilitating the exchange process, which in addition to strengthening the argument for online sales, also contributes to the entire system making a profit by creating trust in the consumer market.

Maestro ABM

Maestro is account based marketing (ABM) SaaS to help companies to sell to enterprises and target accounts through the ABM process with personalized touch points and a library of playbooks and template that users can measure and orchestrate to shorten the sales cycle.

Laví Clinical Trials

Laví Clinical Research is the first and only application to bring together all clinical research specialties in Brazil. They provide open studies, in an agile and standardized way with a mission to bring together the entire clinical research community and recruiters in pursuit of what is best for the patient, emphasising inclusion and diversity in clinical research.

Pitch YN

Pitch YN helps users to transform their career through a proprietary video pitch platform. Users can connect, impress and grow their professional network. Their app helps sales people to share their stories and experiences through short, high-quality video, and showcase their professional skills. 


MODDEV was created with the aim of making life easier for people who are looking for a new experience in their applications. Their focus is to help people create faster and more efficient applications, with a more sophisticated and functional design, using the most modern technologies on the current market.

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