Impact at Web Summit Rio

Impact is a movement encouraging companies and entrepreneurs at Web Summit to focus on how – with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guiding light – they can use tech to benefit their industry, their communities and the entire planet.

At Web Summit Rio, we’re celebrating the change-makers at the forefront of this movement. Apply for our Impact startup program and join us in Rio de Janeiro this April.

Amazonian Activist Txai Suruí on Centre Stage during the opening night of Web Summit Rio 2023 at Riocentro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Txai Suruí
Amazonian Activist

Who can get involved?

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Startups working towards the UN’s SDGs can learn extensively from startup-focused sessions on topics related to sustainability and social equality, and can network and build connections with a community of like-minded founders.


Impact investors can look forward to curated meetings with innovative startups focused on bettering the world, and to knowledge-sharing opportunities generated by attending or hosting targeted masterclasses. The next big investment deal could be waiting at Web Summit Rio.

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Speakers can use the Web Summit Rio event as a platform to highlight their work towards building a more equitable and sustainable future for all. Impact-focused speakers – from global CEOs to cultural icons – can use their influence to share their message across industries and countries.

How do we build our Impact community?

Emerging companies working to make a positive impact on the world are selected by our startups team for their innovation in pursuit of the UN SDGs. Companies must be registered as part of our Web Summit Rio startup program in order to be classified as an Impact startup.

Our investors team conducts in-depth research and consultation to support the VC firms and investors aiding startups that are making a positive impact on the world. Impact investors must be attending Web Summit Rio with an investor ticket in order to gain Impact accreditation.

Individuals engaged to speak at Web Summit Rio can join the Impact movement if they are sharing a message linked to the UN SDGs, or if they are attending to support an organisation or initiative – local or international – that is striving for change.

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Centre Stage during day one of Web Summit Rio 2023 at Riocentro


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