8 of our top favorited talks at Web Summit Rio

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Need a guide to Web Summit Rio to help you find the stage content you’re interested in? We’ve found eight talks our attendees have favorited on the Web Summit Rio event app.

From AI to telecommunications and everything in between, our tech events cover every major topic touching the world of tech. Before Web Summit Rio, we reviewed what talks our attendees were highlighting on the event app – here are the most hotly anticipated talks that will take place between 2-4 May at Riocentro in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro.

1) Will generative AI transform marketing and advertising? – Day 1

‘Generative AI’ is, undoubtedly, one of the most prominent and misunderstood discussion points in the modern world of tech. In this session, Defined.ai founder and CEO Daniela Braga and NotCo CMO Fernando Machado cover the impact that generative AI will have on content creation, marketing and advertising across all industries and verticals.

2) How AI is going to scale your organization – Day 1

AI is now firmly embedded in every industry, but its use at scale remains ineffective. What fundamental tools does an organization need to succeed in scaling AI technologies? CI&T co-founder Bruno Guicardi and Woopi founder and CEO Alex Winetzki break down the major challenges of scaling AI and deconstruct the myths around what companies can gain.

3) Marketing in 2024 – Day 1

Join a true marketing masterclass with a panel of experts discussing what’s changed in the world of marketing, advertising and branding in recent times and forecasting the trends to come. Weber Shandwick CEO Gail Heimann and NP Digital founder Neil Patel bring their years of experience to the stage to steer the industry towards tomorrow.

4) How to have a positive influence – Day 1

Social media can give your self-esteem a serious beating. How can we use social platforms to have a positive influence on others and on ourselves? Brazilian influencer (and Rio de Janeiro local) Bianca Andrade explores the good, the bad and the ugly of being an influencer in a social media environment that’s turning increasingly toxic and insular.

5) How to build an app in 18 minutes – Day 2

With the help of AI-powered software development, we are emerging into an age of digital creativity where developers will be able to transform ideas from thought to reality in minutes. Join this session as GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke builds an entire app from scratch – live on stage – in just 18 minutes, using the power of generative AI.

6) Maintaining a culture of entrepreneurship – Day 2

Before the scaling, hiring and the intense focus on profits, it was just you and your idea. The possibilities seemed endless. But with success comes responsibilities and logistics concerns. Lots of them. How can you keep that creative spark – that flair – as you grow? QuintoAndar co-founder and CEO Gabriel Braga, Globo Ventures CEO Roberto Marinho Neto and Magazine Luiza chairperson Luiza Trajano share their guidance.

7) How to make products that people love – Day 3

Whether you’re shepherding concepts from good ideas to complete campaigns or building household names that consumers flock to, turning a good product into a celebrated brand is no easy task. In this session, discover how to build renowned products from Picsart founding partner and chief product officer Mikayel Vardanyan.

8) Tech in 2024: Where is the money going next? – Day 3

Crypto had a big 2022, and AI is the defining topic of 2023 (so far). But what are the emerging sectors of 2024? Our panel of entrepreneurs – Solfácil founder and CEO Fabio Carrara, Unit21 co-founder and CEO Trisha Kothari and Kaszek partner Santiago Fossatti – share what they think is coming next.

Want to learn more about what’s to come at Web Summit Rio? Check out more of the content schedule on our website or on your event app.

Main image of attendee using their phone to check the top favorited talks on the Web Summit event app: Diarmuid Greene/Web Summit (CC BY 2.0)


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