6 talks you won’t want to miss on Day 1 of Web Summit Rio 2023

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Graphic containing headshots of four Web Summit Rio speakers. The headshots are atop columns of solid colours on which are written the speakers' names, job titles and companies: from left to right, Magnus Grimeland, founder and CEO of Antler; Chelsea Manning, data activist and whistleblower; KondZilla, filmmaker and founder of Canal KondZilla; and Bianca Andrade, influencer and YouTuber.

Web Summit Rio is finally here! As we kick off three days of networking, lead generation and premium content, discover some of our most interesting talks.

Global investment platforms, data rights activists and marketing wizards… Day 1 of Web Summit Rio kickstarts Brazil’s biggest tech event with a bang.

Below are some great talks and inspiring speakers not to be missed on Day 1 of Web Summit Rio. Don’t forget to add them to your schedule on the official Web Summit Rio app.

1. Investing in LatAm

Stage: Center Stage

Latin America was one of the fastest-growing regions in the world for startup investment in 2021. In 2022, this funding slowed down dramatically.

But how is 2023 going, and what does the future hold? Is this an inevitable and natural correction of the market, or does it represent a broader shift in how startups can secure funding long-term?

Learn all about investing in Latin America from our panel: Race Capital general partner Edith Yeung, Manashees founder and managing partner Eric Acher, Renegade Partners co-founder Renata Quintini, and AAA Inovação co-founder Ricardo Amorim.

2. Lessons from 150,000-plus founders

Stage: Venture

Ever wanted to know how some of the most innovative young companies in the world got to where they are today?

Antler is a leading first-day investor platform for startups to meet co-founders, get guidance from senior professionals, and access capital to build and scale operations. Today, Antler has 900-plus companies in its portfolio, with a total value of more than US$3.1 billion.

Antler founder and CEO Magnus Grimeland will highlight the experiences and advice of 150,000-plus founders building the defining companies of tomorrow. This is not one to miss.

3. Marketing in 2024

Stage: Center Stage

Trying to predict the marketing trends that will capture consumer attention and catapult a brand to stardom is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. But at Web Summit Rio, it just may be possible.

In this session, JCDecaux group chief data officer François-Xavier Pierrel, Weber Shandwick CEO Gail Heimann and NP Digital founder Neil Patel share what’s changed in the world of advertising and branding, and highlight where the industry is heading.

4. How to make your creator business thrive

Stage: PandaConf

Many were worried the global tech industry would stagnate in 2023. Experts predicted that businesses of all scales would notice a significant impact. But, despite this downturn, the creator economy is flourishing – it now commands a worldwide market estimated at US$104.2 billion.

In this session, Hotmart co-founder and CEO João Pedro Resende, Canal KondZilla founder and CEO KondZilla, influencer and YouTuber Bianca Andrade, and WYcreative chief of creative curation Christian “Crocas” Rôças explore the most important parts of being a creator today, including how to find your niche, how to build an online community, and how to market your talents.

5. The next decade of the internet, with Nym’s Chelsea Manning

Stage: Center Stage

AI technologies could open numerous new fields of creative and productive possibilities for organizations and communities. For this to become a reality, however, everyone needs the same strong privacy protections, including encryption and cryptographic verification.

AI was built on the idea of human surveillance and – without strong privacy protections – it will likely unleash a data dystopia of centralized power and intensified oversight for private gain.

Chelsea Manning, data rights activist, whistleblower and Nym security consultant, has been at the center of this story. She will highlight how strong data privacy can lead to better AI development.

6. New frontiers in the war for talent

Stage: Corporate Innovation Summit

As the tech community matures globally, finding the right talent becomes even more crucial.

How can countries seeking new pools of talent bridge the gap to advance their economy and level of technological innovation? What are the main strategies for attracting top-skilled workers from overseas while still nurturing homegrown talent? And how can tech hubs play a part in making key destinations desirable places to work and live?

Brazilian Startups Association president Felipe Matos joins Renata Horta, founder and director of new business and partnerships at Troposlab, to share tips for winning the war for tech talent.

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Photo of Center Stage at Web Summit Rio 2024.

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