Meet 5 Impact startups from our network working to achieve the United Nations’ SDGs

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Web Summit Rio is dedicated to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That’s why we’re celebrating Impact Startups, the startups trying to make a difference for their communities – and the world.

Impact startups are businesses around the world working to have a positive impact on their communities, industries and ecosystems. Web Summit Rio wants to celebrate the emerging companies within our network striving to achieve the United Nations’ SDGs.

As UN secretary-general António Guterres said: “The use of [emerging] technologies allows us to be much more effective in addressing the problems of today’s world.” This is a task that affects us all, so it’s important to highlight the businesses doing their part to innovate for the betterment of the planet and society.

We’ve gathered together some of the Impact Startups with an environmental focus who’ll be joining us in Rio this year. Meet them:


Founded in Paris in 2017, VirtualiSurg’s mission is to provide global access to the latest and most efficient surgical techniques and other medical training. It’s an XR expert company that introduces a meta-learning platform for medical training.

VirtualiSurg develops new solutions, combining virtual reality, the handling of real instruments, and machine learning. The company’s solutions reduce the time required to master a surgical procedure. VirtualiSurg is a multidisciplinary team including practicing clinicians, high-end engineers, professional VR developers and medtech industry experts.

AMA (Agentes do Meio Ambiente)

AMA – Environmental Agents is a digital platform that uses social networking technology to engage citizens in sustainable actions through small habit changes. The company operates in Curitiba, Paranaguá, Maringá, Cianorte and Florianópolis in Brazil.

AMA builds a cooperative network to spread sustainable behavior in the hope that minor changes in attitudes may lead to major improvements and that environmental stewardship begins at home. Its objective is to engage as many people as possible in lowering CO2 emissions and developing sustainable attitudes.

Desperta Energia

Desperta Energia is an energy solutions platform that offers small- and medium-sized businesses – as well as residential customers – an alternative option in the consumption of clean and renewable energy.

It was founded in 2021, based on the “Energy-as-a-Service” model. Currently, Desperta Energia serves customers in several locations in Brazil, and partners with some of the country’s largest generators in the distributed generation market, including (Re)energisa, Raízen, Brasil Solar, Energea, Fusão Solar and Tallento Energia.

Amar.elo Saúde Mental

Amar.elo aims to improve company’s results by offering quality care to their team with its Emotional Safety Program.

This is based on three pillars. First: analysis through online tests, analyzing and monitoring the organization’s emotional health, and listing areas of action. Second: education with online courses, trails and events to make employees aware of mental health and the work environment. And third: care for the employee through online psychotherapy. Through a platform, it connects employees to a team of psychologists who are specialists in online care to carry out psychotherapeutic sessions.

Abundance Brasil

Abundance Brasil is a climate tech company focused on driving environmental restoration through abundance tokens, the ESG ecosystem, and education. Its purpose is to bring abundance to Brazil, contributing to the transition to a more sustainable economy.

The company puts ESG into practice with decarbonization, inviting customers to buy trees from new forests in Brazil, receive carbon credits, and redeem abundance tokens (ATKs).

At Web Summit Rio 2023, we’re celebrating the change-makers at the forefront of this movement. Subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest updates.

Main image of a light bulb-shaped lake in a rainforest: petrmalinak/Shutterstock


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