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Women in tech ticket holders get full general attendee access at just R$154.50 for a pair of tickets – a massive 90% discount – as part of our commitment to changing the gender ratio at global technology events.

Get women in tech tickets to enjoy exclusive areas at Web Summit Rio, including our Women in Tech Lounge, masterclasses, roundtables and more.

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Two smiling people stand next to each other. They're both wearing lanyards with their names, the word 'Attendee', and the Web Summit Rio logo on them. The two people are looking at two other people who are out of shot. The four appear to be engaged in coversation.

Our commitment to change

We are deeply committed to changing the gender balance at all of our events, and to empowering women across the world by fostering networking opportunities, building mentorship programs and nurturing our online women in tech community. In 2023, 40 percent of attendees at Web Summit Rio were women. We hope to grow this percentage next year.

Please note: As part of our commitment to change, and in accordance with Part C of our terms and conditions, this program is only open to people who identify as women.

40% women attendees
37%women speakers
22%women-founded startups
A laughing person (Black Innovation Alliance CEO Kelly Burton) pictured from the waist up. The person has both hands raised in apparent delight. They are wearing a headset mic and a lapel mic. The Web Summit logo is visible in several places on the wall behind them. This is a Web Summit press conference.

In 2023, 40% of attendees at Web Summit Rio were women

We hope to continue the trend next year
A group of smiling and laughing people sit around a round table. They appear to be engaged in several conversations. In the space around them are people sitting at other tables, and a row of people sitting on high stools at a counter. This is the Women in Tech Lounge at Web Summit Rio 2023.

Bring your best pitch to Web Summit Rio, and get ready to do business in the Women in Tech Lounge and beyond. Take advantage of meaningful opportunities to grow your business by connecting with future customers and potential partners.

A row of smiling and waving people lean against a giant 3D Web Summit Rio sign. They are all looking in the same direction – apparently at someone taking a photo. The sign sits on grass and there are palm trees behind it. Beyond the palm tree is a structure made of metal bars. This is Riocentro, the Web Summit Rio venue.

Web Summit Rio’s women in tech community is vibrant, fun and supportive. We’re encouraging new generations of women to take on leadership roles and become founders in the global tech sector. Come meet other amazing women in your industry.

A smiling person hugs a backpack and gazes at something out of frame. Beyond this person are a row of other people who appear to be sitting down. This is the audience at a stage in the Web Summit Rio Women in Tech Lounge.

Attend expert-led workshops, roundtables and talks at Web Summit Rio to gain new skills and insights. Give your business an edge by staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends and innovations. Level up alongside women in tech community members, and change the status quo together.

A stage viewed from over the heads of a packed audience. There are four people sitting in chairs on the stage. The person on the right is holding a microphone, and appears to be speaking. Three rows of chairs face the stage, and each is full. To the right, stadium-style seating is similarly full. To the left, a number of people are standing. Behind the people on stage, a large screen reads 'Women in Tech Lounge, powered by Banco do Brasil'. This is Web Summit 2023.

From the Women in Tech Lounge to the water cooler, and from post-masterclass chats to Night Summit, grow your network, collaborate and set up those meetings! Mingle with other women in tech to build your professional network and make valuable connections. Embrace this opportunity to meet new peers and potential mentors – or mentees.

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Marcela Junqueira

It was a true immersion in the world of innovation and technology. I met inspiring people, struggling entrepreneurs, and creative minds who are shaping the future. We exchanged ideas, shared experiences and, most importantly, created valuable connections that I’m sure will lead to exciting collaborations and projects.

Auiti Balestra

It was an excellent experience for me. Throughout the event, the speakers were excellent and the networking opportunities were plentiful. There was a wide range of marketing content presented – not simply a repetition of the same old marketing topics. As a digital marketer, there was much to learn from this event. It was inspiring and refreshing to see women sharing their knowledge and empowering one another.

Priscilla Souza

Web Summit Rio exceeded my expectations. In addition to renowned speakers and current topics, the structure allowed for an excellent networking experience.

Melaine Palmer

The sheer magnitude of the event was eye-opening – the grand venue, the enormous stages, and the caliber of speakers were very impressive. It showed me the scale of the tech and marketing industries, and the unlimited possibilities that are out there. Between the speakers, panel talks and masterclasses, I spent time in the Women in Tech Lounge, where I was able to network and forge valuable connections. Attending Web Summit Rio was so impactful that I immediately knew I wanted to return the following year.

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Meet the incredible women in tech who joined us in Rio

We’ll announce the Web Summit Rio 2024 speakers soon
Txai Suruí
Txai Suruí
Luiza Trajano
Luiza Trajano
ChairpersonMagazine Luiza
Amanda Graciano
Amanda Graciano
PartnerFisher Venture Builder
Bianca Andrade
Bianca Andrade
Influencer & YouTuber
Monique Evelle
Monique Evelle
Ayọ Tometi
Ayọ Tometi
Co-founderBlack Lives Matter
Thaynara OG
Thaynara OG
Goodwill AmbassadorUNICEF
Rebecca Parsons
Rebecca Parsons
Angélica Huck
Angélica Huck
Co-founderMina Bem-Estar
Pia Sundhage
Pia Sundhage
Head CoachBrazil Women's National Team

“At the current rate, it’s going to take more than 100 years for women to hit pay parity with men. I don’t want to wait that long.”

A person makes a heart shape with their hands in front of a wall with text that reads 'I'm making the future'. Another person, whose back is to the camera, is taking a photo using a smartphone.

–  Lindsay Kaplan, Co-founder, Chief

“People are not looking for perfect anymore. People are looking for true.”

Two people sitting in a crowded audience. Both are smiling and clapping. They – and the rest of the audience – are looking at something out of frame. This is Web Summit Rio.

– Anna Anderson, Director of Influencer Marketing, Condé Nast

“Women are half the population, and their health affects everyone.”

A person (Siam Capital founder and general partner Sita Chantramonklasri) sits in an armchair. Their left leg is crossed over their right. They're clasping their left knee with both hands, and their fingers are interlocked. They are wearing a headset mic, and appear to be speaking. This is onstage at Web Summit.

–  Sita Chantramonklasri, Founder & General Partner, Siam Capital

“For every one woman promoted to director level, two women are leaving the workforce.”

A person (co:collective co-founder and CEO Rosemarie Ryan) sits in an armchair. Their left leg is crossed over their right, and they're looking to their left. They're wearing a headset mic and are gesturing emphatically with their left hand. They appear to be speaking. The Web Summit logo is visible over their left shoulder. This is onstage at Web Summit.

–  Rosemarie Ryan, Co-founder & CEO, co:collective

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