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Join the creatives defining the future of design at Web Summit Rio.

Fred Gelli, CEO, Tátil Design, on Creatiff Stage during day three of Web Summit Rio 2023 at Riocentro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Fred Gelli
CEO | Tatil Design

What’s happening?

As technology enters a new era, so does design. creatiff celebrates the people behind the blueprints for the societies of the future.

Your Web Summit Rio ticket gives you access to all masterclasses and roundtables at the event, as well as to talks on creatiff and 13 other tracks.
The brave new brand world

Where once brand purpose was little more than a line in a mission statement, it’s now key to consumer choice. What does this mean for the relationship between consumers and brands, and how can design improve it? How can companies define and realise their brand purpose, and where do innovation and new technologies fit in?

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Delivering the end product

Modern design is always a work in progress. It can be complex, chaotic and subject to constant change. Navigating the product cycle from conception to shipping is fraught with problems, challenges and unknown unknowns. Hear from industry experts and product leaders for perspectives and best practices on how to successfully deliver world class technology.

UI & UX in Web3

Never before has humanity spent so much time in virtual environments. Possibilities in the metaverse and Web3 abound. But what have been the major aesthetic shifts from app designers and content creators, and how has user behaviour changed? What trends are we seeing in UX and UI design in 2023 and beyond?

Next-gen design tools

The barriers to entry into the design industry are gradually being lowered. The focus is shifting from ‘how’ we create to ‘what’ we create. Specialist work which once took hours now takes only minutes. It’s an exciting time for creatives, leaving them with more freedom to focus on the big ideas rather than a single process. Find out what will become the ‘can’t live without’ design tool for 2023.

Meet our 2023 design speakers

KondZillaFilmmaker & FounderCanal KondZilla
Amrapali GanCEOOnlyFans
Amrapali Gan
Amy PeckFounder & CEOEndeavorXR
Amy Peck
Bozena RezabCo-founder & CEOGamee
Bozena Rezab
Bradley KamCo-founderUnstoppable Domains
Bradley Kam
Dan GardnerCo-founder & CEOCode and Theory
Dan Gardner
David DrogaCEOAccenture Song
David Droga
Kelly RutherfordActor & InvestorWhyzzer
Kelly Rutherford
Lia RizzoCo-founderTempo de Mulher
Lia Rizzo
Fred GelliCEOTátil Design
Fred Gelli

Companies that attend

“Pieces of content – featured films – are infused with more technology than planes.”

– Kate Swanborg, Senior VP of Technology Communications, DreamWorks Animation

“Design is like a joke. If you need to explain it, it’s no good.”

– Graham McDonnell, Creative Director, The New York Times

“Brands don’t belong to us. They belong to the people we create them for.”

– Sairah Ashman, CEO, Wolff Olins