40 Words

Looking for more exposure? 40 Words gives startups at Web Summit Rio the chance to broadcast their big idea across the event – all in just 40 words.

40 Words is exclusively open to startups exhibiting at our event.

Apply for our 2025 startup program and join us next year in Rio.

Cecília Olliveira, Co-founder, The Intercept Brasil

How does it work?

To apply for 40 Words, simply send us a video in which you outline your company’s pitch in just 40 words. If chosen, your video will be shown on our screens across all stages and throughout the venue at Web Summit Rio.

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Startup selection

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Startups must submit a self-recorded video of their 40-word elevator pitch. Our team will review each application and create a shortlist of successful candidates. Scripts must contain no more than 40 words – hence the name.



Make every second count

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You’ve only got 40 words, so choose them wisely. Cut the filler and focus on the idea. Bear in mind that your video isn’t just going out to investors – it’s for everyone at Web Summit Rio. Use language that all attendees will understand, whatever their background.

At the event

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All selected videos will be played on screens at stages and throughout the venue, maximizing your exposure and broadcasting your pitch to all attendees.

Meet some of the startups that have joined us at our past events

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“An exciting event with a global reach.”

Centre Stage during day one of Web Summit Rio 2023 at Riocentro

– Inc.

“One of the most highly regarded gathering places for startups.”

Kubo Robotics co-founder and CEO Tommy Otzen celebrates with arms in air after winning PITCH at Web Summit 2016.

– Entrepreneur

“Bridges the gap between creativity and tech.”

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– Forbes

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