Attendees at the Media Village during day two of Web Summit Rio 2023

Web Summit Rio media kit

From April 15-18, 2024, “the biggest technology event in the world” will dominate headlines across the globe. We’ve put together this media toolkit to help you spread the word.

Some of our 2023 speakers

David VélezFounder & CEONubank
David Vélez
Ayọ TometiCo-founderBlack Lives Matter
Ayọ Tometi
Robson PrivadoCo-founder & Chief Growth OfficerMadeiraMadeira
Robson Privado
Chelsea ManningSecurity ConsultantNym
Chelsea Manning
Gabriel BragaCo-founder & CEOQuintoAndar
Gabriel Braga

Some of our 2023 media attendees

Maju CoutinhoTV PresenterGlobo
Maju Coutinho
Greg WilliamsDeputy Global Editorial DirectorWired
Greg Williams
Cristina CriddleTechnology ReporterFinancial Times
Cristina Criddle
Harry McCrackenGlobal Technology EditorFast Company
Harry McCracken
Emma GoldbergFuture of Work ReporterThe New York Times
Emma Goldberg

Some of our 2023 investor attendees

Rodrigo BaerCo-founder & Managing PartnerUpload Ventures
Rodrigo Baer
Edith YeungGeneral PartnerRace Capital
Edith Yeung
Eric AcherFounder & Managing General PartnerMonashees
Eric Acher
Renata QuintiniCo-founderRenegade Partners
Renata Quintini
Zach CoeliusFounderCoelius Capital
Zach Coelius

Sharing the story of Web Summit Rio

People strive for connections, and the serendipity of our tech events makes networking irreplaceable.

Web Summit Rio blends world-class event planning with incredible software development, helping the right people meet at the perfect time. It also gives tech leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians a platform to discuss their vision for a brighter future.

You are part of the experience too – you help tell the story of our event and make it a global phenomenon!

Learn more
A mobile phone with the Web Summit Rio app on the screen. The word 'Recommended' is highlighted in a horizontal menu that also includes 'Trending', 'My connections' and a partial title starting with 'My...'. Below the menu is a list of attendees at the event, with avatars beside their names.
A mobile phone is held in two hands. On the screen of the phone is the Web Summit app. The person holding the phone is perusing the Web Summit schedule. Out of focus in the background is the Web Summit logo on an event stage.
Three attendees at the front of a large crowd of seated people lean towards each other. One of these people is holding a mobile phone. The other two people are giving thumbs up. The three appear to be taking a selfie.

Our initiatives

Our events are defined by the diversity of our communities.

We run several initiatives to bring underrepresented groups within the tech world into the spotlight.

From our women in tech program and the work we do with developers to our support for young scholars, Web Summit Rio is where you find stories that deserve to be heard.
Two smiling people stand in front of a tiled wall. One has a small bag at their waist. They are giving a thumbs up with one hand and holding an event accreditation lanyard – which they're wearing around their neck – with the other. The other person is wearing a backpack. They're holding their event accreditation lanyard – which they're wearing around their neck – with one hand, and pointing at it with the other.
Three triangles pointing right.
Two triangles pointing up

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Web Summit Rio communications team

“Europe’s largest tech event.”

A person (Junta Nakai of Databricks) wearing a suit jacket over a plain crew-neck tshirt. Junta is being interviewed. A video camera is in the foreground, out of focus. Junta is gesturing emphatically and appears to be speaking.

– Reuters

“This is where people get together to discuss where technology is going.”

A large stage viewed over the silhouetted heads of an audience. Two large screens are on the stage, on either side of the Web Summit logo. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is on the screens, speaking via video link.


“Bridges the gap between creativity and tech.”

A person stands with their hands in their pockets in front of a picket fence. The fence runs in front of an area where several people are seated. A sign in this area reads 'Women in tech'. The person is speaking to a video camera, and appears to be giving an interview.

– Forbes

“A grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests.”

A person in a suit sits at a long desk and types on a laptop. They are viewed in profile. A small sign next to the laptop reads 'Media Village'. Two other people are visible in the background, also wearing suits and also seemingly working on laptops.

– New York Times