Which startups are attracting the most attention at Web Summit Rio?

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From the ones getting the most in-app attention to those attracting investor meetings, here are 12 of this year’s most popular startups.

There are 1,000+ startups exhibiting at Web Summit Rio 2024. But which are the most anticipated? Here are six of the most requested companies for our startup to investor meetings.


Minum offers a digital subscription service to help consumers and businesses switch from traditional electric utilities and save money on their electricity bills in a simple and sustainable way.

It does this by providing the customer with a fixed-rate subscription plan replacing a regular electricity bill, whereby you pay the same amount every month, rather than having a variable bill that fluctuates. Additionally, the electricity provided through the plan comes from clean, sustainable energy sources.


Brazil-based startup Gyra+ is a ‘one-stop-shop’ SaaS credit platform using real-time data analysis and AI.

It helps companies make better credit decisions by using data integration and artificial intelligence to streamline and improve the credit decision-making process. There are several tools including one to automate background checks and another to digitally sign documents securely.

CWS Digital

CWS Digital helps businesses with their digital transformation i.e. getting everything online including sales, distribution, and marketing. This is a single digital platform designed to handle various sales scenarios and customer journeys with the goal of helping companies increase revenue, expand capabilities, and improve profit margins through digital solutions.

There are dozens of plug and play features to help businesses including creating an online catalogue, an AI shopping assistant, B2B commerce capabilities, and customer behaviour analytics.


Lina is a no-code health platform designed to help healthcare providers better monitor and care for their patients in a personalized and ongoing way. It analyzes healthcare plan usage data and presents the information in easy-to-understand dashboards.

The dashboards show the costs and financial impact of different medical treatments and procedures, and track the success of various treatments and preventive care measures, allowing providers to monitor patient outcomes and identify areas for improvement.

BluSky Carbon

BluSky Carbon is an indigenous-founded Brazilian startup focussing on improving the scale, cost-effectiveness, and revenue potential of carbon removal solutions. It uses a combination of biomass, mineralization, and direct air capture technologies to capture and store CO2.

This startup works with carbon market experts to audit their operations and connect with large organizations seeking to purchase carbon offset credits.

Omnix Corp

Chilean startup Omnix is a value-chain automation company focused on helping businesses enhance their efficiency and productivity. The South American company works to generate real-time corrective actions to respond to supply-chain disruptions caused by staff shortages, system failures and unforeseen circumstances.

Read more about Omnix here and find out how Web Summit helped accelerate this startup’s growth.

🚀📱 Startups getting attention on the Web Summit Rio app 📱🚀

What about startups popular with general attendees? Here are six that are getting the most interest on the official Web Summit Rio app right now.


LabNow helps clinics and laboratories provide services more conveniently and affordably by bringing these services to the patient’s home rather than attending a clinic or lab to have exams and vaccinations carried out.

This female-founded startup’s smart scheduling and logistics also help labs process more patients without having to hire more staff, aiming to reduce operational costs.

EBAC: Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas & Tecnologia

EBAC is an online education platform looking to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world job requirements. Their goal is to equip students with the practical skills and knowledge required for in-demand careers.

Aside from practical skills development, the curricula is job-focused and developed in collaboration with professionals from recognized companies. Their partners include Adobe, Dell, Semantix, and Sumup. 


PlurieBR is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) platform helping companies assess, improve, and monitor their DEI efforts. The platform provides companies with tools to assess their current DEI maturity by analyzing real-time data and metrics to determine the company’s strengths and areas for improvement.

It also provides a ‘smart X-ray’ feature to gain visibility into the demographics and representation of different groups within the company.


Analize helps companies manage their accounting and financial processes by automating repetitive tasks including generating financial statements, consolidating data, and preparing explanatory notes. 

It sees itself as a post-spreadsheet platform designed specifically for financial data, handling data integration, conversions, and analysis that spreadsheets can struggle with. This startup can also connect to a company’s existing ERP systems and consolidate data from multiple databases, providing a centralized view of their finances.


This agtech startup helps small-scale farmers to improve their farming operations through four apps: Connected Farmer, Connected Coffee, Livestock Guru, and Deforestation. Connected Farmer is a cloud-based platform that gives farmers tools to track their farming activities, and receive detailed reports and recommendations to improve their profitability and sustainability. Connected Coffee, meanwhile, helps coffee farmers, cooperatives, and traders manage their entire coffee supply chain from cultivation to distribution.

Livestock Guru uses DNA testing to help farmers track animal parentage and breed higher quality, healthier livestock. Finally, Deforestation uses satellite imagery and machine learning to certify a farm’s compliance with new EU regulations banning the import of agricultural products linked to deforestation.

Solar Bot

Solar Bot has developed an innovative solution for cleaning solar panels. Traditional solar panel cleaning typically involves using water trucks and manual labour, which can be time-consuming and costly. Solar Bot has created an autonomous, water-free robot that can do this job efficiently.

The startup says that this autonomous cleaning method can recover up to 35 percent of solar panels’ energy generation capacity lost due to dirt buildup, and do so faster than humans: The robot can clean 1 megawatt of solar panels in just 2.5 hours, which is much quicker than manual cleaning.

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