Meet these 5 Brazilian women-founded medtech startups

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Web Summit Rio aims to empower women across the world by fostering networking opportunities, building mentorship programs and nurturing our online women in tech community. With that in mind, here are just some of the women-founded Brazilian startups joining us this year.

In 2022, 42 percent of attendees at Web Summit in Lisbon were women, and we hope to continue pushing for similar diversity in Rio this May. We’re committed to changing the gender ratio at all of our events globally and empowering women by providing networking opportunities and mentorship programs.

Women are hugely underrepresented in tech, even at a founder level. We want to highlight five of the startups in our network that women have founded.


Lina was founded in 2019 with the aim of changing the way health management is carried out, including assisting operators and medical teams in the prevention and promotion of care for millions of people.

Lina is the first no-code platform for coordinating care with PHC guidelines. The company has created dozens of customizable care lines, which deliver personalized attention to each beneficiary. It also automates a variety of financial and clinical monitoring dashboards for patients, providing a leading tool in clinical and cost-per-life outcomes.

Tuinda Care

Tuinda Care’s purpose is to expand access to healthcare through state-of-the-art technology. It’s based on the concept that the experiences of users, doctors and patients need to be simple, easy and accessible anywhere.

Tuinda Care implements integrated assistance projects via tele-propedeutics, which reach different participants in the health ecosystem. This includes monitoring chronic patients, post-discharge care, highly complex treatments and remote continued care.


Ymunity manages the journey of patients with autoimmune diseases using high-cost drugs with the aim of delivering value in health.

With technology, smart protocols, telemedicine, data analysis and home treatment, the company aims to reduce costs for paying sources and improve the journey of patients and doctors.


Through a chronic pain telemonitoring platform, LinkFit facilitates remote training and physiotherapy sessions with the quality and safety of face-to-face care, as well as monitoring and managing the effectiveness and progression of recommended treatments.

LinkFit has a proprietary Movement Correction Artificial Intelligence that specializes in musculoskeletal care. It can evaluate and correct, in real-time, the users’ performance for the movements prescribed in their therapeutic protocols. Discomfort at work can be reduced through accurate prescription and safe execution of telemonitored physical exercises, providing greater performance and productivity, which saves on health costs.

Conecta Rim

Conecta Rim was born out of the need to provide access to healthcare for patients with kidney disease and to reduce the country’s costs of treating the disease.

It’s about increasing and improving patient survival and shortening and softening the dialysis journey – all of this through comprehensive care, referrals for kidney transplantations and raising awareness about the disease.

Check the Web Summit Rio blog to read more about the great startups in our network.

Main image of a woman using a microscope: Jelena Red Riding Hood/Shutterstock

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