Top 10 Brazilian startups attending Web Summit Rio 

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South American tech is blossoming, and Brazil is probably the hottest startup country in the world right now. Here are just 10 exciting Brazilian startups attending Web Summit Rio.

Brazil is one of the most vibrant startup ecosystems in the world right now. Across a range of industries, Brazilian entrepreneurs are founding the companies that will be the future of tech.

We’re delighted that Brazil is the home of our South American event, and where many of these dynamic startups will be gathering. 

Here are just 10 of the 1,000+ startups that will be joining us at Web Summit Rio. 


Fintech startup Gyra+ uses AI to analyze open finance data and obtain the best performance on its automated credit models. Its technology uses data to understand the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs, offering fast, personalized and secure credit analysis. 


virgo is a capital markets platform that uses proprietary technology and methodology to price and monitor risks for companies, projects and operations, to provide access to credit for businesses. Its goal is to simplify the market, improving the experience for all stakeholders.


Founded in 2018, Rio-based Smarthis aims to accelerate digital transformation and increase productivity. It claims to do this with the use of robotic process automation, analytics and AI. With a team of more than 150, Smarthis currently operates in 12 countries.


Neo is an omnichannel messaging service that allows customers to choose how, when and where to communicate with companies, while providing a unified platform across all available channels. On social media, by phone, email, chat, 24-hour self-service or in its clients’ knowledge base, it helps to improve efficiency and retain customers.


Franq is an open banking startup that distributes more than 100 financial products and services with up to 50 financial institutions, through a network of around 7,000 “personal bankers”. It aims to evolve the financial ecosystem, giving more autonomy to banking professionals and allowing greater transparency and convenience for people and companies. 

Niky Benefícios

Niky Benefícios is a health-fintech focused on flexible benefits for HR. It offers clients flexibility in managing multi-benefits and well-being solutions for employees through a card storing all benefits.


Nexti is a human resources solution for time management and employee engagement in medium and large operations. Nexti’s solution sits across local hardware, a mobile application and web portal.


Mereo is a HRTech company with a software-as-a-service solution focused on boosting the performance and engagement of employees and their organizations through data analysis. It is a global company that aims to improve performance through strategy execution, providing solutions that combine consulting services and a platform for enterprises and people performance results.

EBAC: Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas & Tecnologia

EBAC is an educational institution offering online courses, as well as postgraduate and specialist programmes, with 110,000+ students in Brazil and Mexico. Its online learning platform utilizes tech solutions so students can learn whenever and wherever they want. 


Onze is a digital fintech solution focused on pensions and financial health for employees. Through financial health, Onze seeks to educate people about the importance of planning, providing information on investments and pensions, and helping people to save and invest.

To discover more of the exciting startups joining us at Web Summit Rio, visit our featured startups page

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