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From QR to XR: The tech keeping retail on its toes

AI, extended reality (XR) and even QR codes are bringing new innovations to retail by blending th...

September 1 - 3 min read

Artificial intelligence is here. Are you ready for it?

The artificial intelligence tide is rising and it appears to be bringing humanity with it, at lea...

August 21 - 5 min read

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Say ‘no’ to sustainable virtue-signalling

From renewable energy and superhero sandwiches, to healing our p...

July 26 - 3 min read
A person (renowned AI researcher Geoffrey Hinton) visible from the chest up. They are wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking. Behind them is a wall of large cuboid water containers, lit from within. A slightly transparent illustration of three orange semicircles is partially visible in the centre of the image, behind the person's head.

Godfather of AI: Prepare for artificial intelligence before it’s smarter than us

The tech industry is too busy working on making AI better to wor...

July 10 - 5 min read
An image of Meredith Whittaker, president of Signal. Meredith appears to be sitting down. Meredith is wearing a headset mic, and is smiling emphatically. A graphic is visible behind Meredith. The graphic features three half-circles that have been cut from the sides. The half-circle in the middle is only partially visible as it's obscured by Meredith.

Making tech better: Ethics in the age of AI

From crypto and Web3 to the emergence of AI, the tech industry i...

June 12 - 4 min read
A printed wall stands in the middle of what appears to be an exhibition floor. Steel rafters are visible in the ceiling above the wall, and people are milling around exhibitor stands behind the wall. On the wall itself, the Web Summit Rio and Work in Lithuania logos are in the top left- and right-hand corners, respectively. Three questions are visible on the board, with small circular stickers indicating responses to them. The questions read 'How would you define your ideal work culture?', 'What is the biggest challenge when building a successful career?' and 'What motivates you to perform your work best?'

Work in Lithuania survey: Clear majority favor fully remote work

At Web Summit Rio 2023, Work in Lithuania surveyed hundreds of a...

May 10 - 4 min read