6 talks you won’t want to miss on Day 2 of Web Summit Rio

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Joining us at Riocentro for Day 2 of Web Summit Rio? Discover the talks we recommend you add to your personal schedule.

Day 2 of Web Summit Rio has something for everyone, with talks covering ChatGPT, the future of coding, AI and journalism, esports in Brazil. We even have a beer tasting on the cards!

Find these sessions – and our other top picks – in the Web Summit Rio mobile app to add them to your personal schedule.

1. Building an app from the ground up

Stage: FullSTK

Meredith Whittaker is one of big tech’s most insightful critics. In this session, the president of encrypted messaging app Signal and chief advisor to the AI Now Institute explores how to build an app outside the constraints of the mainstream tech ecosystem.

The session addresses whether it’s possible to sustain a business model that doesn’t rely on harvesting user data. Meredith thinks it is, and intends explain how.

2. How to build an app in 18 minutes

Stage: Center Stage

If AI is sophisticated enough to help write code, can it help build a working app from scratch in 18 minutes or fewer? This live demo from GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke will be an exciting display, but will it also state the case for faster dev cycles and AI ‘co-workers’?

This is one of the first live demos of GitHub’s Copilot X, a ChatGPT-powered coding interface with the ability to explain chunks of code, talk through debugs, have context-aware conversations and even generate unit tests.

3. Generative AI: Where to after the hype?

Stage: FullSTK

Every second tech news story these days seems to be about ChatGPT, Midjourney or another form of generative AI. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is trying it out, and everyone wants to know how it could help – or hinder – their profession.

But when the buzz has inevitably died down, what next for generative AI? In this session, our expert panelists explore how this tech is currently being adopted – and how it might impact how code, art, news, ads and more are produced.

4. From farm to glass: Beer tasting session 🍺

Stage: Q&A

You probably came to Web Summit Rio for networking opportunities and tech talks, but why not swing by the Q&A stage for a beer-tasting session while you’re here?

In the spirit of Web Summit Rio, it’s not just about free beer… Ambev brewmaster Alexandre Esber will take the crowd through the scientific process and the tech used to bring beer from the farm to the glass.

5. E-sports in Brazil: A sleeping giant

Stage: SportsTrade

If you’re into esports, you’ll know exactly who Nicolle Merhy – aka “Cherrygumms” – and Bruno “PlayHard” Bittencourt are. If you don’t, then now’s your chance to learn about the intriguing world of competitive gaming, where gamers make a living and get famous by doing so.

In Brazil, esports is a fast-growing sector. Join this session to find out what’s next for a global market that is forecast to grow to US$5.48 billion in value by 2029, according to Fortune Business Insights.

6. Will ChatGPT kill journalism?

Stage: Center Stage

Are you curious about how technology is revolutionizing the news industry? Then you won’t want to miss this session on the opportunities, challenges, dangers and ethical considerations of using generative AI in journalism.

From content creation to reporting, the potential uses for generative AI are vast, but what does that mean for the future of journalism? Media experts from AFP, Wired and Edições Globo Condé Nast share their predictions for how ChatGPT and similar technologies could continue to shape the industry in the coming years.

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