The nexus of the global investor ecosystem, the Venture track at Web Summit Rio is where you’ll meet the people with the inside track on the future of investment.

Magnus Grimeland
Founder & CEO | Antler

What’s happening?

Ventures delves into the world of investing through expert-led sessions and onstage content.

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A changing VC landscape

Latin America was one of the fastest growing regions for VC in the world over 2020 and 2021. Then the VC market cratered in 2022. But does the fall in global funding signal the end of the era of overvaluations and easy money? And is this the recalibration the venture capital scene needs? Expect brutally honest industry analysis from the world’s top investors.

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Rewriting the venture playbook

What does the next decade hold for VC funding? A drive for diversity, sustainability and being socially responsible means the individuals and companies investing – and being invested in – are rapidly changing. We hear from leading voices on how these emerging trends are shaping the founder-investor dynamic.

Getting to ‘yes’

Top investors reveal why they choose to invest, discussing their red flags, the product v people debate, and the growth models that win them over. Hear all the tips and tricks that you need in order to make that winning pitch.

Emerging industries

The crypto industry has been  beset by several high-profile frauds. SaaS stock prices are way down on their 2021 levels. Meanwhile, AI has (again) taken the spotlight as the next big thing. So which industries will see the most activity in 2023? And which ones might just fade into obscurity?

Meet our 2023 investor speakers

Edith YeungGeneral PartnerRace Capital
Edith Yeung
Jenny FieldingCo-founder & Managing PartnerEverywhere Ventures
Jenny Fielding
Renata QuintiniCo-founderRenegade Partners
Renata Quintini
Gabriela GonçalvesFounder & Managing PartnerNilla Capital
Gabriela Gonçalves
Rodrigo BaerCo-founder & Managing PartnerUpload Ventures
Rodrigo Baer
Amee ParbhooManaging PartnerAccion Venture Lab
Amee Parbhoo
Ian HathawayCo-founder & General PartnerFar Out Ventures
Ian Hathaway
Tim DraperFounderDraper Associates
Tim Draper
Magnus GrimelandFounder & CEOAntler
Magnus Grimeland

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“If you're a founder, make sure you survive.”

– Pegah Ebrahimi, Co-founder & Managing Partner, FPV Ventures

“The world is so much bigger than ever.”

– Mattias Ljungman, Founder & CEO, Moonfire Ventures

“Don’t be shy about building relationships online.”

– Sarah Kunst, Founder & Managing Director, Cleo Capital