MoneyConf is where the world’s leading banks, tech firms and fintech startups meet. It sits at the intersection of finance and technology.

Join us as we examine how tech is changing the fiber of one of the world’s oldest industries.

Tarciana Medeiros
CEO | Banco do Brasil

What’s happening?

MoneyConf dives deep into the world of fintech through expert-led sessions and onstage content.

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Digital-only banking

In this age of online banks and fintech mobile apps, routine banking transactions can be executed with the tap of a button. How will banking applications – developed on private PaaS services – and embedded finance drive the new era of banking? Join us to find out.

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AI, fintech & security

Established banks face more competition than ever before, from fintech startups to big retailers and tech giants. Global leaders discuss and debate how AI is impacting fintech, fraud detection, lending approvals, risk monitoring and investment predictions.

The future of e-commerce

​Brands have become the new banks with many offering financial products to their customers. What are the new trends emerging​ to define ecommerce?  Learn from leading platforms, retailers and brands about taking advantage of​ ​the rapidly evolving ecommerce landscape.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

​The failure of ​crypto to reinvent money and become mainstream has never been more evident. The problems that crypto claimed to have solved have already long been solved by the banking and fintech sector. Join us for robust conversations on the intersection of banking and tech.

Meet our 2023 fintech speakers

Glauber MotaCEORevolut Brazil
Glauber Mota
Iana DimitrovaCEOOpenPayd
Iana Dimitrova
Gerry Giacomán ColyerCo-founder & CEOClara
Gerry Giacomán Colyer
Viviane MartinsCEOFalconi
Viviane Martins
Igor SenraCo-founder & CEOCora
Igor Senra
Miryam LazarteCo-founder & CEOLatAm Startups
Miryam Lazarte
Juan Pablo OrtegaCo-founder & CEOYuno
Juan Pablo Ortega
Kathleen BreitmanCo-founder & CEOTezos
Kathleen Breitman
Vilma MattilaCo-founder5ire Chain
Vilma Mattila

Companies that attend

“Knowledge is power in the world of finance.”

– Yoni Assia, Co-founder & CEO, eToro

“There is a lot of white space out there in most fintech sectors.”

A person (Square CFO Sarah Friar) sits on a couch. The person's legs are crossed and they're gesturing with their right hand. The person is wearing a headset mic, and appears to be speaking. On the wall behind the person, the MoneyConf logo appears in several places.

– Sarah Friar, CFO, Square

“There is a massive shift in consumer behavior.”

– Maximilian Tayenthal, Co-founder & Co-CEO, N26