Growth Summit

Growth Summit brings together the founders and leaders of the world’s highest-growth companies. These are the companies of tomorrow – the companies that will reinvent the services and products of the future.

Meet unicorns in the making.

Isadora Kimura
Co-founder & CEO | Nilo Saúde

What’s happening?

Growth Summit dives deep into hypergrowth, and explores how to achieve it.

Your Web Summit Rio ticket gives you access to all masterclasses and roundtables at the event, as well as to talks on Growth Summit and 13 other tracks.
Growth Lounge 2022
Hypergrowth and scaling
In the new market, hypergrowth might seem like a long shot. But what can we learn from the companies who have recently led the way? Join the people who led incredible startups to the top, and find out about the mistakes they made, the challenges they faced, and how they succeeded by scaling operations in the right way.
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Explore the ins and outs of securing startup funding and learn how to get the money you need in this new economic landscape.  The most successful startups will gather to discuss what works when raising the rounds to propel a young company through hyper-growth.

Purpose and profit
We celebrate the emerging companies that – rather than focusing purely on profit – prioritise purpose, and strive to make a positive impact beyond the profit line. Top founders and CEOs discuss how they implement tech for good.
Adapt for success
What can you do if your business is not working? After years of unprecedented disruption to normal business, and new pressure from a challenging economy, we learn the power of adapting to grow. High-growth companies discuss how they pivoted to success.

Meet our 2023 growth speakers

Rafael StarkFounder & CEOStark Bank
Rafael Stark
Suzy FerreiraFounder & CEODinie
Suzy Ferreira
Domagoj RozicCEOMinka
Domagoj Rozic
Victoria RepaFounder and CEOBetterMe
Victoria Repa
Aline OliveiraCo-founderTraive
Aline Oliveira
Julián NúñezCo-founder & COOYuno
Julián Núñez
Gabriela EstradaCo-founder & CEOVexi
Gabriela Estrada
Maya PindeusFounderHumanising Autonomy
Maya Pindeus

Companies that attend

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“Every company is faking it till they make it. There’s no making it. The story doesn’t end.”

Jager McConnell

– Jager McConnell, CEO, Crunchbase

“Female investors tend to invest more in female-founded startups.”

Sarah Moran

– Sarah Moran, Co-founder & CEO, Girl Geek Academy

“We need to create an inclusive culture from the CEO level.”

Blake Irving, CEO GoDaddy

– Blake Irving, CEO, GoDaddy