FullSTK is the world’s leading developer conference – a gathering of innovators, data scientists, coders and engineers programming the future.

Join heads of industry from across the globe as they share their knowledge about the most sought-after technologies, and their reflections on the ethics and impact of code.

Meredith Whittaker
President, Signal

What’s happening?

FullSTK explores the future of computer engineering through expert-led sessions and onstage content.

Your Web Summit Rio ticket gives you access to all masterclasses and roundtables at the event, as well as to talks on FullSTK and 13 other tracks.
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Learn how code could be replaced with quantum superpositions and DNA enzymes capable of processing data at incredible speed. FullSTK will also  explore the impact of identity orchestration on development,  the future of ambient computing, and developments in AI and ML. 

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Security and compliance
As legislation becomes more stringent, hackers develop more sophisticated tools to steal our data. With a rise in cyberwarfare, what are the new security tools and tactics, and what can companies and nation states do to stop these attacks? In a world where a DDOS attack can bring down a business, or worse, how do we keep our data safe?
Privacy and diversity in data

The ethics of AI technology is an increasingly pressing issue. Opaque T&Cs and algorithmic biases are two of the biggest problems, and technology companies are tackling this with new attitudes to data privacy and a drive for diversity. Can big tech uncouple from third-party tracking? Is it possible to design complex AI systems free from bias?

The role of the engineer

DevOps teams were ahead of their time in remote work. Now, with other industries catching up, are engineers still shaping the future of work? While talent and skills abound, why are companies still struggling to acquire technical skilled workers? What impact will the rise of low-code have on the industry?  The world’s leading tech minds set out the challenges they are facing in the world of work.

Meet our 2023 FullSTK speakers

Meredith WhittakerPresidentSignal
Meredith Whittaker
Jeff ShinerCEO1Password
Jeff Shiner
Cassie KozyrkovChief Decision ScientistGoogle
Cassie Kozyrkov
Thomas DohmkeCEOGitHub
Thomas Dohmke
Diego Torres MartinsFounder & CEOUnico IDtech
Diego Torres Martins
Max HowellCEOtea
Max Howell
Michael Mac-VicarCo-founder & CTOWildlife Studios
Michael Mac-Vicar
Itxaso del PalacioPartnerNotion
Itxaso del Palacio
Sarah Al-HussainiCo-founder & COOUltimate
Sarah Al-Hussaini
Matias WoloskiCo-founder & CTOAuth0
Matias Woloski
Miryam LazarteCo-founder & CEOLatAm Startups
Miryam Lazarte
Daniel KnopfholzCTOGrupo Boticário
Daniel Knopfholz
Ian TienCo-founder & CEOMattermost
Ian Tien

Companies that attend

“Robots will not take your job. They will do what you don’t want to do.”

– Daniela Braga, Founder, Defined.ai

“Companies worldwide are investing millions in data. Data is becoming more important than ever.”

– Barr Moses, Co-founder & CEO, Monte Carlo

“Before we can think about the technology we create, we have to understand the industries we serve.”

– Brad Smith, Vice Chair & President, Microsoft