Auto/Tech brings together the engineers, developers, companies and experts redefining the way we travel in our cities, on our streets and through our skies.

Focusing on connected cars, autonomous vehicles and the internet of things, Auto/Tech is your gateway to the technology revolutionizing mobility.

André Stein, CEO, Eve Air Mobilty, on Auto/Tech & TalkRobot Stage during day three of Web Summit Rio 2023 at Riocentro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
André Stein
CEO | Eve Air Mobility

What’s happening?

You may be asking yourself, ‘Where are all the self-driving cars?’... Auto/Tech gives you insight into how we’ll be getting around in the coming decade, shining a spotlight on the trends and technologies behind the next generation of vehicles.

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State of the autonomous future

Self-driving vehicles have been around for more than a decade, but what will it take to move beyond the endless test driving? What is the truth behind the hype of autonomous cars, where is the real progress being made and will we ever get to level-four (true autonomy)? Beyond the technology, what are the economic, social, and legal factors  that will dictate how driverless cars take to our roads.

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Sustainability at the forefront
The auto industry is undergoing a rapid evolution towards a cleaner environmental future. But questions remain. How will battery technology improve? How will the charging infrastructure improve to keep up with demand? Beyond electrification, what other technologies can have an impact? Can hydrogen fuel cell technology finally break through?
Mobility and smart cities
Car manufacturers are being forced to react to declining car ownership, supply chain problems, rising costs, and the emergence of shared and micro-mobility solutions. Autotech startups are designing car models with autonomy and sharing in mind. Are we ready for a total change in personal transport? And how will this affect the design of our cities and public transportation?
Robots behind the scenes
From warehouses, to farm fields, to science labs, to assembly lines; robots are transforming how we work alongside them. As AI and sensor technology rapidly improves so does the increase in efficiency and accuracy. Making our robotic co-workers more and more capable of handling even more complex tasks and decision making.

Meet our 2023 autotech speakers

Mariana VasconcelosCo-founder & CEOAgrosmart
Mariana Vasconcelos
Tony MiglioreFounder & CEOMoova
Tony Migliore
Ben GoertzelFounder & CEOSingularityNET
Ben Goertzel
Parker TreacyCo-founder & CEOCobli
Parker Treacy
André SteinCEOEve Air Mobilty
André Stein
Daniela BragaFounder &
Daniela Braga
Igor MarinelliFounder & Co-CEOTractian
Igor Marinelli

Companies that attend

“Not every idea is going to win, and you need to know when to move on.”

– Markus Villig, Founder & CEO, Bolt

“We always try to push the boundaries and to be rule breakers.”

– Katia Bassi, CMO, Automobili Lamborghini

“It’s not about building cars. It’s about building new drivers.”

– John Krafcik, CEO, Waymo