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A large stage viewed over the silhouetted heads of a packed audience. A line of people stands on the stage, facing towards the audience. Confetti fills the air. A large Web Summit Rio logo hangs in the center of the stage. Two screens on either side of the logo read 'That's all for today!'

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“The giants of the web assemble.”

A person (renowned AI researcher Geoffrey Hinton) visible from the chest up. They are wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking. Behind them is a wall of large cuboid water containers, lit from within. A slightly transparent illustration of three orange semicircles is partially visible in the centre of the image, behind the person's head.

– Wall Street Journal

"Web Summit is the World Cup of tech conferences."

– Fortune

“Where the future goes to be born.”

A person playing saxophone, a person playing trumpet and a person playing drums. All three are standing. Behind the three musicians, a crowd of people mills about. This is Night Summit at Web Summit Rio 2023.

– The Atlantic

“The best tech conference on the planet.”

– Forbes