From grassroots to growth

Our events are defined by the diversity of our communities. We’re proud to team up with local partners and initiatives to contribute to our dynamic tech ecosystem.

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Community partners at Web Summit Rio

What can Web Summit Rio do for your organization or community?

Web Summit Rio is a global gathering where political figures, cultural icons and business leaders confront the challenges facing society.

We want to partner with nonprofit organizations to bring in new ideas, ensuring each and every one of our events is a diverse and equitable space for all. Through a series of special ticket initiatives, we partner with organizations to bring people together to discuss key issues in roundtables, to network with like-minded peers, and to learn at our masterclasses.

A person stands in the middle of a seated audience. The person is facing the same way as the audience. They are holding a microphone in their right hand and gesturing with their left. They appear to be speaking to someone out of shot.A young woman poses for a camera in front of a ring light, smiling widelyThree people sit on a low table. They appear to be speaking. One person has their back to the camera. They're scratching their head. Another person is sitting among cushions with their legs crossed and their forearms resting on their legs. They are smiling. The third person is resting their hand on the second person's knee. They appear to be engrossed in conversation.

Who can be a community partner?

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Community group or meetup

Do you run a meetup for entrepreneurs or tech enthusiasts in your community? Web Summit Rio is interested in partnering with local groups to help bring their members to our event.

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Global networks

Are you part of an international network of like-minded individuals looking to make an impact? The Web Summit Rio team can help your members join us for the three-day event in April.

Universities and colleges

Engineering, science, journalism, marketing, business… There’s a place for every higher education institution’s faculty at Web Summit Rio.

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Nonprofit organizations

We admire people dedicated to making a difference, whether in their local community or on a global scale. That’s what Web Summit Rio is all about, and that’s why we want nonprofits to be part of the action in April.

Meet some of our 2024 community partners

Our previous partners

Two people stand in front of a chipboard counter. Above them, placards hang that detail the names, logos and elevator pitches of startups. The two people are smiling and pointing towards the camera. They appear to be representatives of a startup called Kilimo I.O.T
LSE Generate

LSE Generate is the home of entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and supports students and alums to build socially responsible businesses in the UK and beyond. LSE Generate students have attended our events and, in 2022, hosted a roundtable discussion on sustainable investing.

A person stands in front of an easel that holds a sign reading 'Breaking the cycle of poverty through the empowerment of girls'. The person is wearing a headset mic and gesturing with their right hand. They appear to be speaking.
Girl Move

Girl Move was created to help stop the cycle of poverty and under-education in Mozambique. Through its academy program, Girl Move provides opportunities for young women to become community and business leaders. We have welcomed Girl Move members to our events since 2019.

A diverse group of people sit in a circle. One person appears to be speaking, and the others appear to be listening to them. One person stands outside the circle. They appear to be listening as well. A sign on an easel to the left of the group reads 'Diversity from talk to action'.

Bantumen is a digital platform sharing the culture of Black urban creatives and entrepreneurs with the Portuguese-speaking world. It aims to increase diversity in the media industry by sharing the stories of people the media under-represents.

A group of five people sit together. They appear to be a segment of a circle of people. The person in the center is gesturing with their right hand and appears to be speaking, and the other four – who each have their hands clasped in their laps – appear to be listening.
Lean In

Lean In is a global community dedicated to helping women achieve their ambitions. At our events in 2019 and 2020, we partnered with Lean In Portugal to run a series of discussion groups dedicated to improving inclusivity in tech and to combating workplace bias.

Ongoing community initiatives at Web Summit Rio

Women in tech

We’re committed to changing the gender ratio at our events and empowering women across the globe by fostering networking opportunities, building mentorship programs and nurturing our online women in tech community.

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Developer program

The developer program was designed to give back to the open-source community. With a focus on networking and learning, we offer qualified applicants access to talks, and to developer-focused masterclasses, roundtables and networking sessions.


The Amplify program is our commitment to strengthen the voices of under-represented founders and communities in tech. As part of the program, we actively seek investors and funds that prioritize investing in diversity.

Scholarship program

Web Summit Rio’s scholarship program unites up to 300 students and recent graduates who demonstrate an ambition to be part of a community looking to change the future.

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