Meet these 10 women-founded startups attending Web Summit Rio

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At Web Summit Rio, we want to celebrate the women-founded startups in our network. Here are just a few attending this year’s event. 

Web Summit Rio is committed to changing the gender ratio at our events and empowering women across the globe by fostering networking opportunities, building mentorship programs, and nurturing our online women in tech community.

In 2024, 44 percent of the 1,000 startups coming to Web Summit Rio are women-founded – the highest-ever proportion of women-founded startups at a Web Summit event, and the largest gathering of women founders at an event in South America.

With this in mind, we want to highlight a selection of women-founded startups from our network. 

Nilo Saúde

Nilo Saúde is an automated care navigation platform for healthcare providers that promotes efficient capture and engagement. By using the platform, Nilo Saúde claims healthcare companies can increase patient acquisition, conversion and loyalty, improving financial results without the need for additional hiring.


Dinie is a leading provider of embedded lending infrastructure in Brazil, empowering digital platforms to offer instant credit and B2B payment solutions to millions of merchants. Through ‘strategic partnerships with Brazil’s major unicorns and industry leaders’, as well as backing from global fintech funds, Dinie is ‘driving financial inclusion and fostering the growth of small and medium-sized businesses’. 


Arado provides supply-chain and business solutions to SMB farmers to help increase their revenue. The company uses a suite of tech solutions that drive end-to-end operations to connect fresh food producers directly to food service and retail providers, helping them fulfil their business needs with ease. is an AI platform that specializes in volume hiring. It screens, analyzes and ranks candidates, with a view to creating a more efficient hiring process. The company was ranked by 100 Open Startups among the best HR tech in Brazil for two consecutive years, in 2022 and 2023. 


Lina was founded in 2019 with the aim of revolutionizing health management and helping operators and medical teams with the prevention and promotion of care for millions of people. Lina has developed a no-code health platform with PHC guidelines, integrating dozens of customizable lines of care, accident rates and results from primary care programs. 


LegalPass is a corporate benefit platform for employees that offers accessible legal support, facilitating the management of legal issues with practicality and security. The online platform makes it easier to access legal resources, such as creating documents and cases for lawyers.


Creme is an on-demand cooking experience, with chefs providing step-by-step video recipes, making cooking easier. With a range of cook-friendly tools and recognizable chefs guiding users through recipes, Creme aims to help its users grow their confidence in the kitchen. is a pay-per-use dynamic marketplace that links healthcare professionals to on-demand spaces, helping clinics monetize downtime efficiently.


Salvy is a mobile carrier for businesses in Brazil that enables more than 200 companies to purchase and manage their mobile lines. Salvy bases its business on a SaaS model, claiming that its platform offers a clear and efficient approach to managing mobile lines and IT needs – such as inventory management – leading to reduced costs.


OrienteMe is a user-friendly corporate health platform that provides employees with access to the best professionals and healthcare content. It offers online therapy services in a secure environment, connecting individuals with psychologists who offer various therapeutic approaches.

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