Showcase your startup at Web Summit Rio with 40 Words

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Seeking more exposure? Startups at Web Summit Rio have the opportunity to broadcast their message throughout our event – all in just 40 words.

40 Words is an opportunity for startups to get unique exposure during our event. Successful applicants record and send us a short video explaining their company’s mission, which we then share on screens across the Web Summit Rio venue.

Please note that only startups participating in the Web Summit Rio startup program are eligible for 40 Words.

Are you interested in taking part? Apply by sending us a video with your company’s elevator pitch.

Startup selection

Startups can submit an application with a self-recorded video giving their company’s elevator pitch. Applications that exceed 40 words will not be considered – hence the name.

Our team will review all applications and select a shortlist of successful candidates.

How to make your video

Videos can contain just 40 words and must be a maximum of 25 seconds long. Videos must be in mp4 format.

For optimal results, you should record your video in a quiet room, with the camera facing the person speaking. We recommend removing hats and glasses to avoid glare on the camera, and facing your laptop camera away from the window to prevent poor lighting.

The more professional a video looks, the better the result!

Make the seconds count

Startups only have 40 words to explain a business pitch, so you should choose these words carefully. A top tip is to cut all the filler words and focus on the ‘what’ that the company is addressing.

This video isn’t just going out to investors; it’s for everyone attending Web Summit Rio. All language used should be easy to understand. Startups that do this are on the right track.

Amplify your voice

Successful applicant’s videos will be played on stages and screens across Web Summit Rio, increasing exposure and allowing attendees to learn more about your company’s goals.

Want to showcase your startup? Apply for the startup program and join us in Rio de Janeiro.

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