The numbers behind Web Summit Rio 2023

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An illustration of the official numbers behind Web Summit, featuring small blocks that read, 506 investors, 37% women speakers, 22% women-founded startups, 21,367 attendees, 40% women attendees, 91 countries, 173 partners, 743 media, 974 startups

We’ve dug into some of the data behind our sold-out inaugural South American event, Web Summit Rio 2023. Here are the highlights.

21,367 attendees

An image of Opening Night at Web Summit Rio with the figure '21,367'

Founders, investors, tech enthusiasts and more are coming from all over the world to enjoy Web Summit Rio. There are more than 21,000 people attending from 91 different countries – everywhere from Argentina to New Zealand.

40 percent women

An image of several women in attendance at Web Summit Rio 2023

Here at Web Summit, we’re dedicated to changing the gender balance in the tech world, starting with our events. We believe in supporting the development of an ecosystem that has more women entrepreneurs innovating and leading industries.

We’re delighted that Web Summit Rio 2023 is welcoming more than 8,500 women – 40 percent of our total number of attendees.

400 speakers

We gather a lineup of world leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, tech developers, sports stars, musicians and actors who are impacting their fields and have unique insights to share. Chelsea Manning, KondZilla, Revolut founder Nik Storonsky, Cristina Ferreira and Black Lives Matter co-founder Ayọ Tometi are just a few of the speakers taking part in Web Summit Rio 2023.

An image of Txai Suruí, Amazonian activist at Opening Night for Web Summit Rio 2023

We’re also delighted to announce that women account for 37 percent of speakers at this year’s event.

Talks across 14 tracks

We deliver masterclasses, roundtables and talks spanning 14 content tracks and covering every topic from AI and climate change to marketing and telecommunications.

You can use the event app to search the schedule and filter by track, topic or format to find unmissable content, or go straight to the profile of your favorite speaker and learn what they have to share.

974 startups

An image of Web Summit Rio 2023 startup attendees

From bootstrapped young companies to unicorns in the making, you’ll find every industry represented in our network of 974 startups from 42 different countries. Roughly 22 percent of these startups are women founded.

An image of a founder speaking at a Web Summit event

Meet the next generation of entrepreneurs on the exhibition floor, find out what advice investors are offering in investor to startup meetings, or discover the next emerging startup stars in the PITCH competition.

506 investors

An image of an investor talking to a startup attendee at Web Summit Rio 2023

Entrepreneurs have called our events “the most highly regarded gathering places for startups, corporations and investors”. Here’s why: more than 500 VCs, angel investors and major funds from 21 different countries are at Web Summit Rio this year. Among them are Race Capital general partner Edith Yeung, Point72 Ventures founding partner Pete Casella, and Portage partner Stephanie Choo.

743 members of the media

Am image of two media professionals interviewing Black Innovation Alliance founder Kelly Burton at a Web Summit event

Journalists are a critical component in making our event globally recognized. Startups and speakers can connect with some of the more than 740 attending members of the media, including journalists from the New York Times, Associated Press, the Financial Times, the BBC and Reuters.

173 partners

Two people greeting each other at a Web Summit event.

Our events wouldn’t be possible without the enthusiastic support of our partners. From local organizations on the ground in Brazil to global conglomerates looking to spread the word on their next major tech developments, our 173 partners are vital in making Web Summit Rio one of the world’s top tech events.

Don’t miss out on the Web Summit Rio experience. Pre-register for Web Summit Rio 2024 now, and join us in Rio.

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