How can Startup Showcase help my business at Web Summit Rio?

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Marina Naperstak, CEO of imgproxy, holding a microphone and assumedly speaking at Startup Showcase Stage during Web Summit 2022.

Startup Showcase shines a spotlight on startups’ big ideas. Expect quick-fire presentations from emerging business leaders showcasing solutions to the issues of today.

Startup Showcase brings together startups from every industry touching tech, giving founders – and other startup representatives – a platform to present their company’s vision to our enthusiastic attendees at Web Summit Rio.

Every hour, a range of young entrepreneurs take to the stage to share the product or service that will make them stand out from the crowd.

To help you prepare, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is the format of Startup Showcase?

A representative of each shortlisted startup will have the opportunity to outline how their business addresses the issues defining the industry in which their startup operates, and what this means for their customers. Each hour will have startups from a diverse range of industries taking to the stage.

What should I showcase?

Outline your company and what it does. The presentation should be focused on two key questions: what are the major issues defining your industry, and how is your company addressing these issues?

How can I prepare for my showcase?

Consider the unique problem(s) your startup solves and the opportunity this presents. Try to think about your startup in a broader context within your industry. When practicing, make sure to get your timing down to two minutes – this will be strictly enforced.

How long can I present for?

Each startup representative is allocated two minutes to showcase their company and its product or service.

What if I go over two minutes?

There is no flexibility with the allocated time. There is a countdown clock on stage to help you.

Can I bring my product on stage?

No, this is a bare-bones presentation. It’s just you and the audience.

How many team members can showcase?

Only one member of your team can showcase. Feel free to invite the rest of the team to support you during your time on stage. However, they cannot participate in the presentation.

How do we choose which member of our team showcases?

Don’t underestimate the impact that stage presence can have on your showcase. We recommend choosing a team member who can demonstrate the problem your company solves concisely and informally.

Will my showcase be recorded?

Showcases will be recorded, and Web Summit Rio can share the footage with you after the event.

How big is the audience?

The Startup Showcase stage is open to all attendees and seats approximately 200 people, with standing room for more.

Startup Showcase isn’t your only opportunity to get your name out there – you can also join our PITCH startup competition at Web Summit Rio.

Participation in Startup Showcase will not affect your PITCH application, as they are evaluated by different judges. If startups would like to be considered for both, they must fill out both applications separately.

Startup? Apply to join the Web Summit Rio startup program today.

Main image of Marina Naperstak, CEO of imgproxy, presenting at Startup Showcase Stage during Web Summit 2022: Ben McShane/Web Summit (CC BY 2.0)

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