HealthConf gathers the world’s most exciting medtech innovators, and the industry giants and startups using tech to help us live longer and better.

Angélica Huck
Co-founder | Mina Bem-Estar

What’s happening?

HealthConf explores healthcare insights from the world’s best-informed speakers through expert-led sessions and onstage content.

Your Web Summit Rio ticket gives you access to all masterclasses and roundtables at the event, as well as to talks on HealthConf and 13 other tracks.

AI, big data and devices

Explore how advances in AI, wearable tech and data science will impact the next stage of healthtech’s evolution. Learn from experts on  the regulatory and ethical implications of using this tech for consumers, companies and investors.

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Behavioural and brain health

Discover where investments are being made, what the key innovations are, and how everything from digital therapy apps to psychedelics are being used to improve cognitive and mental health outcomes for people across the globe.

Health, nutrition and fitness
With people looking for new ways to improve their health and wellbeing, digital innovations are enabling and empowering a more holistic approach. What role will tech and wearables play in supporting a more proactive approach to fitness and wellbeing?
Human enhancement
Advances in technology are enhancing human skills and capabilities. What counts as human enhancement, and is it morally acceptable? Experts explore the scientific and ethical aspects of striving for perfection, and the innovations that promise to alter not just our lives but our bodies.

Meet our past health speakers

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Director-generalWorld Health Organization
Saeju Jeong
Saeju Jeong
CEO and Co-founderNoom
Anne Wojcicki
Anne Wojcicki
Co-founder & CEO23andMe
Kevin White
Kevin White
Hilary Coles
Hilary Coles
Co-founder & Vice President of MerchandisingHims & Hers

Companies that attend

“Women are half the population, and their health affects everyone.”

– Sita Chantramonklasri, Founder & General Partner, Siam Capital

“We need to think about ethical and moral issues before we use the data we have with algorithms.”

– Dame Til Wykes, Head of School for Mental Health & Psychological Sciences, King’s College London

“A really great healthcare experience is one you rarely notice.”

– Alison Darcy, Founder, Woebot Health