A bowl full of a traditional Brazilian dish called Feijoada – a stew containing beans, beef and pork – sits on a table. Also on the table are a plate with rice, herbs and orange slices; a dish of avocado; and a caipirinha, a drink garnished with lime.


Spending some time in Rio? Discover some of the best places to eat… Sample the famous feijoada, enjoy a barbecue, drink caipirinhas at sunset or maybe even try a new ‘concept’ restaurant.

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A waiter holds a large skewer of cooked meat at a table. It appears to be beef. The waiter is slicing the meat while a second person uses a tongs to hold the piece of meat that is being cut from the skewer. A second table is visible in the background.

Academia da Cachaça

A bowl full of a traditional Brazilian dish called Feijoada – a stew containing beans, beef and pork – sits on a table. Also on the table are a plate with rice, herbs and orange slices; a dish of avocado; and a caipirinha, a drink garnished with lime.

Home to internationally renowned feijoada and caipirinhas


Feijoada is considered Brazil’s national dish. A stew of beans, beef and pork, feijoada is typically served with rice, fried collard greens, cassava and orange slices. And what could be a better accompaniment than Brazil’s national cocktail – a caipirinha.


The best spot for this combo is the famous Academia da Cachaça. The restaurant is dedicated to these two classics, and a wide variety of cachaça is served onsite in a whole range of refreshing cocktails.

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Fogo de Chão

The interior of a restaurant. This is an industrial space, with round tables and what appear to cloth-covered chairs dotted around a cement floor. Two large, square pillars support the ceiling. Lighting and wooden panels are sparsely suspended from the ceiling. The kitchen is open to the restaurant and is visible in the background.

Real gaucho barbecue to satisfy any meat fan


Fogo de Chão is a steakhouse with more than 30 locations around the world. A top choice for those who want to experience authentic gaucho barbecue, the restaurant features famed Brazilian cuts of meat, including ancho beef, shoulder steak, ribs, and sumptuous picanha.


All Fogo de Chão meat is served straight from the spit – as is ‘gaúcha’ tradition – with a wide variety of sides also available, buffet-style.

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Mesa do Lado

Restaurant interior. A narrow room. Small square tables line the walls, with chairs tucked in under them. Writing is projected on the walls, but it's not all visible. At the end of the room, a small kitchen space is open and visible to diners.

A sensory experience by chef Claude Troisgros


Chef Claude Troisgros’s new restaurant in Leblon, Mesa do Lado, is one of the most exciting gastronomic destinations in Rio. A member of the world-renowned Troisgros family of chefs, Claude heads the Mesa do Lado team, offering a tasting menu that showcases the flavors, sights and sounds of Brazil.


This exclusive spot only has 12 seats, so be sure to book well in advance.

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A wooden table set for a meal, with glasses, plates, cutlery and linen. Wooden chairs and benches are pulled up to the table. A wicker lampshade is suspended above the table, and is hanging from a straw roof. The table is surrounded by vegetation.

Exceptional food, outstanding view


In bohemian Santa Teresa, perched high on a hilltop terrace with a thatched roof, Aprazível has some of the most spectacular views of Rio de Janeiro.


Chef-owner Ana Castilho makes a variety of dishes to enrich both the palate and the soul. The drinks menu at this Michelin Guide-listed restaurant focuses on cachaça, with an impeccable line of caipirinhas featuring Brazilian fruits on offer.

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Confeitaria Colombo

Confectionary shop and restaurant interior. An oval room with very high ceilings. A mezzanine level with a cast-iron railing wraps around the walls. A brightly coloured Victorian-style skylight is in the centre of the roof. Mirrors are hung on the walls of the mezzanine level, which is empty other than tables and chairs. The ground floor – which features several glass-fronted cabinets and glass display cases prominently – is crowded.

Step back in time


At this confectionery and restaurant – in a well-preserved belle époque-style building – the delicate pastries are every bit as photogenic as the historic interiors. Ornate mirrors, stained-glass ceilings and vintage silverware nod to Confeitaria Colombo’s century as Rio’s royal patisserie palace. 


Here you can enjoy local delicacies, including chicken coxinhas and the famed chocolate brigadeiro.

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An aerial shot of a plate with a serving of modern cuisine. In the center of the plate is what appears to be white fish on a bed of mixed salad leaves. A sauce is smeared on the plate in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Starred and unique


Lasai is the cosmopolitan restaurant of chef Rafa Costa e Silva and his wife Malena Caridel. Using Brazilian produce grown in his own gardens and in those of small farmers around Rio, Rafa harnesses modern techniques to create dishes with an emphasis on vegetables. The menu also features the highest quality meat and fish.


Based in Botafogo, in a beautifully restored colonial townhouse with a tucked-away terrace and Christ the Redeemer watching over diners, this restaurant is consistently ranked among South America’s best restaurants.

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