Money, trust and the key to good storytelling

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According to Piabo Communications founder and CEO Tilo Bonow, storytelling is vital to any brand’s success. It’s what separates successful companies from competitors, driving consumers to spend exponentially more on products and services.

“A great communication strategy and good storytelling can help you as a founder in many, many dimensions. Of course it helps with your valuation. But it also relates to big parts of your story; to your narrative,” Tilo said, in reference to the world of startups.

Communication and trust go hand in hand, according to the founder. Regarding trust, Tilo meant more than getting customers on board with your company’s messaging: “When we’re talking about trust, it also relates to investments. When money is the currency of transactions, trust is the currency of interactions.”

But how exactly does one create and maintain trust? It begins with emotionally engaging storytelling, claimed Tilo. Beyond an initial interest in a product is an innate desire to connect with a product’s messaging.

“You have to really identify a problem to solve,” added the founder. Only then can businesses win the hearts and minds of people, and create memorable narratives.

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